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Send Impact Air Pads
Send Impact Air Pads
Send Impact Air Pads
Send Impact Air Pads
Send Impact Air Pads
Send Impact Air Pads
Send Impact Air Pads
Send Impact Air Pads

Send Impact Air Pads


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The Send Impact AirPad padding system sets new standards in helmet padding technology. With unsurpassed impact absorption, superior comfort and stability as well as optimal temperature regulation, it offers comprehensive protection and comfort. Developed for the demanding conditions of modern warfare, our system adapts individually and ensures durability and effectiveness.

Our Send Impact AirPad padding system revolutionizes the comfort, protection and breathability of ballistic helmets. Developed with Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, it provides unparalleled impact resistance and minimizes blunt trauma through an innovative 2-zone pad.

Comfort and ergonomics concept: Advanced additive manufacturing technology creates a honeycomb structure for lightweight, breathable and ergonomic cushioning.

Innovative impact resistance: Our 2-zone pads use Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ for improved protection and more efficient force distribution.

Breathable material: High-quality elastomeric polyurethane allows optimal air circulation, prevents overheating and ensures comfort under stress.

Lightweight durability: A combination of state-of-the-art materials and techniques results in a durable but lightweight padding system.


Material High-quality elastomeric polyurethane
Manufacturing process Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™
Design 2-zone AirPad with honeycomb structure (lattice)
Properties Shock-resistant, breathable, lightweight, ergonomic
Areas of application Ideal for law enforcement, military and other professional fields with high demands on protection and comfort
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