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TigIR 6Z+
TigIR 6Z+
TigIR 6Z+
TigIR 6Z+

TigIR 6Z+


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The TigIR-Z is currently the lightest and smallest thermal imaging device with 55mm optics. No other device reaches a range (standing man) of 3000m with such a short overall length of only 111mm. These small dimensions could only be achieved by developing a specially folded eyepiece optics. This allows to use the instrument in front of different spotting scopes (3-7x) etc. without loss of quality. Since the entire housing is made of highly stable aluminium and the objective optics are athermal, the TigIR has outstanding precision even under extreme temperature conditions. The housing surface is hard anodized and coated with a scratch-resistant ceramic lacquer. Thus the TigIR withstands even hard blows in rough environments but is not heavier than 500g and thus lighter than any other comparable device.


Available for the following countries: All EU states, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand

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