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Argus LWNVM Mount
Argus LWNVM Mount
Argus LWNVM Mount
Argus LWNVM Mount
Argus LWNVM Mount
Argus LWNVM Mount

Argus LWNVM Mount


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Presenting the ARGUS LWNVM Lightweight Night Vision Mount! This nimble mount plays a crucial role in lightening the load of head-mounted night vision systems, prioritizing user safety, and ensuring a nimble and reliable product.

The LWNVM mount boasts a sleek low-visibility surface design, neatly tucking close to the helmet when folded to lower its center of gravity. Its ergonomic design allows for effortless single-handed operation and precise eye positioning. Moreover, the mount is equipped with a safety breakaway feature that automatically disconnects from the helmet base when pressure exceeds its limit, preventing any entanglements with parachute cords or foreign objects.


Available for the following countries: All EU states, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand


Weight 140g
Material Aerospace Aluminium
Size 89x66x98mm
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