With the 3x magnification lens you increase the range of your TILO significantly. The special thing about this lens is that despite the 3x magnification there is no noticeable loss of dynamics. The picture remains high contrast even in unfavorable thermal conditions. This is possible in this form only with the 12μm VOx sensor of the TILO. Ultimately, the magnification lens covers the entire lens surface of the TILO and there is no “loss of light” (heat loss loss). After calibration, no vignetting (dark outside of the image) is visible. Together with the new 3x magnification lens, you get a bayonet connection, which makes it possible to mount or remove the lens within seconds. Thus, e.g. Targets that were discovered with TILO in use as thermal goggles can be clearly identified after attaching the magnification lens. NOTE: If the magnification lens is mounted, the robustness of the TILO is significantly reduced in the event of a fall. To counteract this, the adapter on the TILO can also be glued permanently permanently to the housing. This is offered as a free service. If the official versions of the TILO in combination with the auxiliary lens are to be used as an attachment, this permanent attachment is strongly recommended. (Only the adapter is permanently attached to the TILO, of course, the lens is still removable.)