Gear Skin Wrap for DTNVG


GEARSKIN is an innovative self-adhesive fabric with outstanding features compliant with the high military standards therefore GEARSKIN is the most versatile self adhesive high-tech fabric available on the worldwide market. GEARSKIN offers users to create a personalized solution for each own specific situation.

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GEARSKIN™ easily adapts to curves, adheres to various surfaces and was tested in various field conditions. Some of the characteristics are water repellency, oil repellency, acid repellency, has an anti-soil treatment and resistance to wear and creasing. GEARSKIN™ eleminates the equipment flare effect , which further contributes to the daily / light cover-up and excellent NIR properties which enable efficient IR camouflage (night vision).

In the past people have spray painted their NVGs to adopt them for different enviroments. This is especially crucial as the black color of most systems stands out in almost every enviroment.
The Gearskin Precuts by ACTinBlack allow the users to simply swap the “skin” of their NVGs to i.e. give them a white arctic environments.
Deploying to desert enviroment? Quickly rip off the old skin and put on multicam arid for example.
The skins will break the contours of the NVG, allow for better grip in all conditions and add an additional layer of protection.